CERMARK will start this exclusive agreement with a new CHAMELEON 325mm main rotor blades at a price that pilots will love. Great job CERMARK and CHAMELEON for creating a win-win situation for pilots, stores, and manufacturers. Click on for the full announcement.

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Santa Fe Springs, California – June 25, 2010 – CHAMELEON, a reasonably new carbon fiber design and manufacturer, today announced it has entered into an exclusive agreement with CERMARK, an American RC distributor that specializes in radio control airplanes, gasoline engines, helicopters, batteries and connectors. CERMARK starts the carbon fiber blade line with the introduction of CHA-M3250A, a new CHAMELEON 325mm main rotor blades. These all black carbon blades are listed at $29.99 per set. However CERMARK indicated that they will try to attempt to persuade the retail outlets and dealers to make them available to the public for around $16.
“It is tough out there. Who the heck is gonna look after the flyers. We gotta make a value stand somewhere. This is it.” said Alex Zayika, dealership manager. “This is the time to up the partnership between the pilots and their stores. This way everybody wins.”
CHAMELEON Blades website is currently under development. In the mean time sales are available through your local hobby store or through CERMARK website, CHA-M3250A. The website will offer additional product pictures, videos and details as soon as they are available.

CHAMELEON specializes in carbon fiber production. It started its production in 2004.
CERMARK opened doors in 1984 with a mission to transform radio control airplane hobby into the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable experience possible. While customers and product offerings have grown considerably since the early days, your satisfaction and experience are still of their greatest commitments.

They also offer customers access to your own hobby stores for help with purchasing confidence, as well as pre- and post-sale customer servicing. When you speak with your local stores, you benefit from unbiased assistance from an experienced professional. Their primary goal is to make sure you, our customer, find the best product to meet you needs.
For product, and sales information, please visit www.CERMARK.com.


Source: Steven Chao and Cermark

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