Delivering your next generation LiPo battery experience Up to 10% more power, 10% smaller, 70C Discharge Rates and up to 15% Lower in Price

The all-new and exclusive G8 chemistry delivers the smallest and lightest combined footprint up to 10% smaller and 5% lighter than previous generation batteries. G8 is the smallest, lightest, most powerful, longest lasting, and fastest charge rate capable LiPo batteries to date! G8 Batteries offer the highest energy and power density in high-discharge rate capable LiPo technology, overall measuring in at a smaller volume per capacity and lower in weight while delivering up to 10% more power than previous generations. This series of LiPo batteries also boasts the highest charge rate capability in the industry with the ability to charge at rates up to 12C* for charge times in 5 minutes or less. Pilots will also benefit from higher retained initial voltage resulting in more power/punch longer, than previous generation batteries.

Thunder Power RC batteries are still proudly matched, assembled and supported in the USA and backed by an industry-leading full 2-year warranty and 50% off damaged battery replacement program coverage.

Experience the exclusive G8 difference ONLY from the #1 in Performance and Reliability

G8 Pro Force 70C Series

The peak in performance culminates with the G8 Pro Force 70C series batteries. When your high-powered EDF, 3D heli or other applications demand nothing but the best look no further! The Pro Performance 70C series batteries deliver 10% more power and up to 10% higher initial voltage for longer sustained power over G6 65C batteries. Now up to 10% smaller and up to 3% lighter than the G6 equivalent. Resulting in the industry-leading highest energy and power density with the smallest size and lowest weight combined; in comparison to similar capacity and discharge rated batteries available. The ultra-low internal resistance (IR) affords for the long cycle life and ultra-fast charge rates up to technology leading 12C* for charge times in 5 minutes or less.

Click HERE for the G8 Pro Force 70C Series Pricing Information.

G8 Performance Pro 45C Series

G8 Performance Pro 45C batteries deliver pro-level performance with a continuous discharge rating up to 45C and powerful burst at 90C! They are now up to 10% smaller by volume, delivering more power and 2% lower in weight than previous generation batteries. Capable of ultra-fast charging in times as little as 8 minutes or less at rates of up to 8C*.

Click HERE for the G8 Performance Pro 45C Series Pricing Information.

G8 Pro Lite Plus 25C Series

The Pro Lite Series of batteries have been a staple in the RC air market for years. The new G8 chemistry updates the line to the Pro Lite Plus Series of batteries The new line is now up to 10% lighter and 20% smaller by volume that previous generation batteries. Pro Lite Plus delivers industry-leading smallest size and weight combined for the highest capacity. Also offering the highest energy density and cycle life delivery available in their class, these well-proven performers lasting for years of use and beyond. Capable of continuous discharge rates up to 25C and fast charge rates up to 5C*.

Click HERE for the G8 Pro Lite Plus 25C Series Pricing Information.

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