Hi everyone, here is truely disappointing news from our very good friends Andy Jiang and Charlie Song. They have officially announced the postponement of 3DX China 2012. Click through to read the official announcement.

Statement from 3DX Website:

We regret to inform you that, due to the political unrest between Japan and China, the China Sporting Body is unable to guarantee the safety of participants in 3DX China 2012.

For this reason the event is postponed indefinitely

Statement from Andy Jiang and Charlie Song:

Dear All,

We are sorry to tell you that due to the International situation(between China and Japan), safty concern(Many protests around different city) and China Government election. We have to delay the 3DXChina2012 Event.

Sorry for the short notice, we only got the news from government this morning.

Please cancel all your flight and hotel booking as soon as possible.

We thanks for all your support in the past and appreciate your understanding during this hard time.

Best Regards

Andy Jiang and Charlie Song


20th Sep 2012

Source: 3DX and Andy Jiang

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