Check this out everyone! Our friends at Lynx Heli Innovations have released their line of CF Main Blades. Continue on to read the announcement received from Lynx Heli Innovations and to get the details for their rotor blades.

“Initially in 325, 350 and 430mm sizes, there will be more to follow soon.
We have spent countless hours perfecting these blades – from design to manufacture, these are some of the best blades you can buy.
Optimized for FBL, but still retaining great tracking for FB machines, these blades are perfect for hardcore 3D or just mucking around on a Sunday at the field with your mates.
Check them out today!”

Price per Unit (piece) : $35.00

Also available in:
350 mm (LX6350) – Price per Unit (piece) : $30.00
325 mm (LX6235) – Price per Unit (piece) : $25.00

Source: Lynx Heli Innovations

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