Miniature Aircraft Adopts Kanban Approach used by Leading Manufacturers

Miniature Aircraft has streamlined production processes, increased quality control and expanded option parts available to enhance service to their customers.

Miniature Aircraft USA, a world renowned RC model helicopter company, today announced they have adopted the kanban production system used by leading manufacturers to enhance service to their customers. Kanban is a scheduling system that promotes lean and just-in-time production.
Miniature Aircraft has been a customer-focused brand for more than 30 years. The company’s management team actively seeks opportunities to provide continuous improvement of both company products and processes to maintain the exceptional level of customer service established by its founders. By adopting lean processes used by the world’s leading manufacturers the company will be able to streamline their current production and expand the option parts available to enhance customers’ platforms including; new colors, canopies, landing gear and camera systems.
“At Miniature Aircraft we strive to consistently get better at what we do for our loyal customers. My 17 years with the company brings a level of product knowledge and experience that helps us continually improve our products and service,” said Jeff Miller, chief assembly officer for Miniature Aircraft. “We recently reduced our overseas outsourcing so that all of our products are inspected and hand assembled in the United States by helicopter enthusiasts. This provides better quality control of our parts and a personal industry touch on every helicopter kit.”

Miniature Aircraft stands apart from competitor’s products because they are US made with the highest quality metal and remain the only remote control heli manufacturer where customers can call and speak directly to the people who assembled their kit. The company also offers factory tours where customers can see their products being made and help assemble items for their own personal kit. Retailers selling Miniature Aircraft kits and parts will benefit from this new process by not being required to purchase high-end items as inventory. More expensive kits can be ordered directly from Miniature Aircraft as they are sold and drop shipped to the retail store or customer.
“I have owned several brands of RC helicopters and Miniature Aircraft stands apart from other manufacturers both in the quality of their product and customer support. If you need assistance, you can call and speak directly to people experienced with their products. They also have Team Pilots at hundreds of Fun Fly events nationwide available to help with the setup and programming of your equipment,” said Douglas Darby, Miniature Aircraft customer. “If you are looking for an excellent product at a reasonable price with exceptional service you won’t be disappointed by Miniature Aircraft.”

About Miniature Aircraft USA
Billings, Mont.-based Miniature Aircraft USA was established in 1978 by Walt and Florence Schoonard in Orlando, Florida. In 1987, Walt Schoonard began to market his X-Cell line of model helicopters. The X-Cell brand of models includes the Fury series, the first model helicopter specifically designed for aerobatic and 3d style flying. In 2009, Miniature Aircraft joined the FlyCo family of hobby businesses and moved to Billings, Montana. Miniature Aircraft continues to design and manufacture the best radio control, model helicopters available today. The X-Cell brand is world renowned for quality and flight performance. Visit or call 406.245.4883 for more information.

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