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“Flettner flight in Orleans 14/07/12.
CGY750 integration with multirotor airframe.”

Kamax Flettner

“Last week, I Have Been lucky enough to get to work was very Specific Model, using the meshing rotors concept , by Anton Flettner Invented 60 years ago. The model uses The Same configuration as the full size, with 2M50 icts Two giant rotors, powered by a turbine Jakadofsky. The Two swashplates are managed by a dedicated electronic board That I binded with a CGY750. The Futaba programm has-been tweaked to deal with the Lack of a proper tail rotor, and to work with the Specific Behavior of the yaw axis of the aircraft. The model HAS broad power reserve, thanks to the lightweight and the Lack of tail rotor wasting power.”

Remi Epron


-Cell: FRM-T Flettner Dragon, CAD Jung
-scale 1:5
-Rotor Diameter: 2m40 X2
-Rotor head: two-blade 270 Jung
-opening plans rotor: 23 °
-Blades: Aluminum, M-Blades
-Turbine: Jakadofsky Pro RS
-RPM: 850 RPM
-take-off weight: 15 Kg
-Board Electronics: Futaba, & PowerBox Helitronix
-Stabilization: CGY750 V1.20
-Hitec 5745MG Servos x 6
-2x 1L tank
-Reduced oil bath and carbon-Sides aluminum structure

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Source: RPM-Aerotechnique

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