Blade Invitational Challenge IRCHA 2012


This contest will be by invitation only to pilots who are currently under no sponsorships or endorsements of any kind. The Blade® team will select five (5) pilots based on video submissions prior to the event. Blade® will provide each pilot with a Blade® 500 X Bind-N-Fly™ helicopter and a Spektrum® DX 18 transmitter to fly in the competition. At the end of the event the top three pilots will take home prizes. Each contestant will fly a 3 ½ minute freestyle performance in which their showmanship and flying skills will be judged.

Applications will be accepted until August 5th 2012.

Application Requirements

● Applicants must not be currently sponsored or entered into any contracts at time of application or during the competition.
● Applicants must hold a valid AMA membership and follow all AMA guidelines when flying, but do not have to be a member of IRCHA
● Applicants must be at least 14 years of age or older to apply
● Applicants must submit an entire application available at along with a link to a 2 minute video that is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.
● Applicants must be able to provide their own travel to the event. Horizon Hobby is not responsible for your travel or other expenses related to this event.
● Applicants must consent to the legal release that is provided in your application packet. You must turn this in prior to receiving your helicopter and radio at the event.
● Please review the Terms and Conditions prior to applying. Available Here.

Video Submissions:

Please submit a video no longer than 2 minutes introducing yourself and flying a helicopter that is similar in size to the Blade® 500 X Bind-N-Fly™ helicopter (450 size and up). The video must be recent footage and uploaded to Youtube/Vimeo. The application will provide a place where you can insert the link to your video. Each video will be reviewed by a panel of judges who will select five (5) pilots to compete at the competition.

Invited Pilots:

You will receive an email with your invitation to the competition by August 6th 2012 and must respond with an RSVP by August 10th 2012. If you choose not to respond, you will forfeit your invitation and the next pilot will be chosen.

Invited pilots must submit a three and a half (3:30) minute music selection in MP3 format to be used in their freestyle routine. Music is not to include violent lyrics or profanity, the inclusion of such lyrics will result in disqualification at the full discretion of Horizon Hobby. Music must be submitted by August 13th. Please send your music to in MP3 format only.

Each pilot will need to provide their own travel to the International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association Jamboree (the “IRCHA Jamboree”). Horizon Hobby will not be responsible for your travel expenses. Please prepare to attend the IRCHA Jamboree as a registered pilot. You will not be allowed to fly in the competition without first registering for the IRCHA Jamboree.

Each pilot will be provided the following equipment one (1) day prior to the event. We will provide you this equipment to practice with, but keep in mind you will be competing with it. You will be expected to return all equipment at the end of the competition.
• Blade® 500 X Bind-N-Fly™ helicopter;
• Spektrum® DX 18 transmitter with charger; and
• (2) E-flite® 6s 2800 mAh batteries

If you happen to crash or damage your helicopter during practice, please keep in mind that parts availability will be limited. We will supply parts on an incident by incident basis at our discretion. If you crash during the competition flight, you will not be given another helicopter. This is an invitational competition and advanced flying skills are expected, however we do understand that accidents happen.

Modifications to equipment:
Each helicopter will be given to you in perfect working order and will be a new model. No physical modifications are allowed to the machine. This means no blade changes, no electronic changes and no battery changes. The helicopter must be in the same configuration when you compete as when it was given to you. Minor setup and programming is of course allowed to suit the model to your flying style. Changes to the BeastX setup will be also be allowed.

Winners will be selected after all pilots have flown and will be awarded to the top three pilots. The prizes for the Blade® Invitational Challenge are as follows.

First Place: Blade® 500 X Bind-N-Fly™ helicopter AND Spektrum® DX 18 transmitter.
Second Place: Blade® 500 X Bind-N-Fly™ helicopter.
Third Place: Spektrum® DX 18 transmitter.

Source: Blade Helis

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