Yesterday, we announced the winning pilots chosen for the Blade 500X Invitational. Well, Blade Helicopters have released the application vids for the winning pilots. So without further delay . . . . get ready to be entertained by some non-sponsored pilots with great flying skills.

Good luck to all the chosen pilots in the competition at IRCHA Jamboree 2012. Thanks to our very good friend Jordan Horwitz for sharing the links with us.

Blade Helicopters

Check out the application videos for the Pilots who were invited to the Invitational!

Clay Payne:

ircha blade heli invitational entry clay payne

YouTube Preview Image

this is my entry for the blade 500x invitational

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Pete Guzewich:

Blade 500 X Invitational Pete Guzewich

YouTube Preview Image

Pete Guzewich flying a Trex-600 for the Blade 500 X Invitational at IRCHA 2012

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Adam Lasker:

Blade challange

YouTube Preview Image

Adam Lasker flight

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Jordan Horwitz:

Blade 500 X Invitational Contest Video Flight

YouTube Preview Image

Flying the Trex 450 Pro

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Sergio Marachilian

Blade 300X 3D

YouTube Preview Image

Stock Blade 300X with wood blades :)

Source: Blade Helicopters via Jordan Horwitz

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