We released a new kit.

Number: 0414-947
Name: Turbulence D3 Version 2
Release : Released

First production kits are already sold out. Second production and shipment will be around end of October.

Length: 1,375m
Width: 203mm
Height: 436mm
Weight: 4,500g
Main rotor diameter: 1,520 – 1,600mm
Gear ratio: 8.27:1:4.77
Engine: 90 class (Sold separately)

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Revised on October 10
Release dates/availability information
Pictures added.

As of October 10, we sold out first production of these cabins. Second
production and shipment will be around end of October. Please make sure to
place order to our distributor to secure your cabin.

This cabin can be used for 50 class Sceadu / Sceadu Evo / SDX series.

Please note:
SDX and Hirobo logo on this picture are decaled, not a part of paint.

(added on October 10)
Left: 50 size cabin
Right: Mounting hardware included

Name : D3V2 cabin painted
Number : 0414-568
Release : End of October

As of October 10, we have not started shipping out cabin since we only had enough cabins to make Turbulence V2 kits. Cabin shipping will start from end of October.

This cabin is only for Turbulence (both V1 and new V2) series.

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We released a new product.

Number: 0403-968

Length: 1,220mm
Width: 186mm
Height: 392mm
Main rotor diameter: 1,348mm
Tail rotor diameter: 258mm
Gear ratio: 8.7:1:4.71
Weight: 3,400g
Engine: 50 – 60 class (Engine sold separately)


Stabilizer less rotor head for 3D flights. With simpler design and lesser parts, maintenance is easier and less to think about setting. This head also can be used for 50 class scale. You can set the head on stable setting and enjoy more real looking scale flights.

Painted FRP cabin included in this kit.
This cabin can be used for all Sceadu / Sceadu Evo / SDX series.

New design 6mm tail shaft Assy used for more durability.
This tail shaft can be used for all Sceadu / Sceadu Evo / SDX series.

Other option parts used on this model

Left: SDX-G radius stay
Right: SDX-G high torque auto rotation Assy

Left: SDX-G fan cover
Right: SD-G vertical fin

Left: SD main gear 91T
Right: Drag bolt M4x35 (hardened)

Source: Hirobo

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