HeliCommand is releasing a new flybarless system that is small, compact and 3D-capable!


The HC3-Xtreme is a professional electronic unit for RIGID rotorheads, and replaces the mechanical auxiliary paddles normally fitted to the rotor head. The electronic circuit automatically corrects all the unwanted characteristics of rigid rotor heads. The reduction in weight makes model helicopters without flybar paddles significantly more agile and maneuverable, and provides an effective power increase of about 15%. The result is fantastic performance combined with very straight forward setup. The latest generation of the HC3-Xtreme is based on high quality MEMS sensors, making it fully 3D capable. At the same time the unit incorporates a very high quality tail rotor gyro with heading lock function. No additional external gyro is necessary. Naturally, the system is also suitable for use with flybarless scale helicopters (two blade and more) and other types of helicopter without flybar, including pod and boom types etc.

This unit expressly contains neither horizontal stabilization nor position stabilisation, and is therefore entirely suitable for competition use. All current types of analogue, digital and brushless servo are supported, as well as ultra fast narrow pulse tail rotor servos(760μs pulse width, e.g. robbe Futaba S9256 and BLS251 servos). The unit also caters for all current swash plate variants as standard, including those with four swash plate servos (H1,H390°,H3120°,H3140°,H490°,H490°+45°).

With its high quality aluminum case and elegant design, the unit effortlessly reflects the superb quality standards of today’s large helicopter manufacturers. Its compact construction and flexibility of installation make it suitable for use in almost any helicopter, from the TRex 250 to 700 via the robbe 4s right up to large scale machines with rotor disc diameters up to 3.5 m.

•    Independent auxiliary channels provide a clear division of gain settings for rotor head and tail rotor gyro, thereby minimizing the setup work required.
•    Direct USB connection for fast programming; convenient setup software is included in the set as standard.
•    The software can also be updated at any time via the USB socket, making it possible to maintain the device constantly at the latest state of development.
•    The connecting leads between receiver and HC 3Xtreme feature plug-in connectors at both ends; this makes it easier to prepare the correct cable lengths for use in helicopters of various sizes.
•    The HC 3Xtreme is ready for connection to receiver systems with SP serial signal output, as featured on receivers such as the robbe R6007SP RASST unit; this reduces the receiver connection to a single cable.
•    A software update for connecting the device to the Futaba SBUS system is in preparation.


  • Operating voltage: 4.0-8.0VDC
  • Servo neutral signal:  selectable pulse width 1520μs / 760μs (tail rotor)
  • Servo frame rate: 66 Hz, 100 Hz, 200 Hz (tail rotor)
  • Dimensions: 36 x 34 x 14 mm
  • Weight excl. leads: approx. 18 g
  • Set contents:  HC 3Xtreme including fixings Cable loom for receiver connection (90 mm) PC software (Win98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7) USB lead for direct connection to PC / Notebook Operating instructions
  • Recommended retail price: Less than 400 Euro gross

Available: November / December

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