Check it out, just released from Gaui, is their new 450 class flybarless conversion kit, for your Trex 450, Mini Titan E325, and many other models! This system includes a Gaui 2 Blade Rotor Head for 5mm Main shafts + Gaui’s new innovative GU-365 GYRO 3 Axis gyro system. The FES 3 Axis gyro is very easy to setup and eliminates the need for a tail gyro.

Seems like companies are making the move to flybarless conversions, Compass, Mikado, ect… Compition is beging to start, and hopefully will be driving prices down for us, the hobbiests, making it ever more cheaper, quicker, and simpler to convert almost any heli to flybarless. Its great seeing all these new flybarless conversions, when they were so scarce before, or were mostly home made, now they are avaialable for a big chunk of the common helis.

Not to be favoritive or anything, but again Readyheli has them in stock.

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