The Futaba XFC Championships is getting closer. On June 11-13 2010 one of the years biggest competitions will be held in Muncie, IN.  This event always has some of the worlds top pilots in attendance.  Read on for more info.


Muncie, IN is also the home of IRCHA and the AMA. Some of the pilots in attendance will be Jamie Robertson, Nick Maxwell, Bobby Watts, Kyle Dahl, Tom Rolfson, Bert Kammerer, Matt Botos, Kyle Stacy, Colin Bell, Ben Storick, Dominick Haegele, Adriano Neto, Mike Fortin, Brandon Fiorante, and more.  XFC has always been known as one of the most prestigious heli and plane competion events. Some of the most spectacular night flying ever has been done there, with fireworks, music, and a mix of heli’s and planes. This will be one event that pilots will go head to head for top honors. So if you have the chance to attend this event, it is definitely a must see.

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