FUSUNO Tiamo Fiberglass Airbrush “NACA Duct” Canopy Trex 600 E Pro

Product Details
This Trex 600E Pro canopy is specifically designed with a large NACA Duct on the windshield to provide more breathing space for the motor and ECC therefore make these electronics much cooler during fly time.

Fusuno canopies are made with highest quality resin and fiberglass material to provide strong but flexible canopies. It helps prevent cracks that is normally seen in other canopies that are using lower quality material. All paints and clear coat are automobile grade provide great look, Great design at bargain price.

Check out the videos to see how strong and flexible the FUSUNO canopies are.

Line Break - Medium Orange

FUSUNO Greno Airbrush Fiberglass Canopy Trex 700 E

Line Break - Medium Orange

FUSUNO Colombo Fiberglass Painted Canopy Trex 550E

Line Break - Medium Orange

FUSUNO Blue Cherries Fiberglass Airbrush Canopy Trex 500 E Pro

Line Break - Medium Orange

FUSUNO Wagg Airbrush Fiberglass Canopy Gaui 425

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