Friday is the day when the action really starts to heat up and the pretty woman multiply!  The center station flight line was non-stop entertainment all day long.  Noon pro demos was certainly the highlight of the day. Demos from the likes of Jason Bell flying the brand new Aurora 90 Electric, Tom Rolfson 3DMasters Champion flying his Raptor 90 3D, Kyle Dahl flying his Logo 600 V-Bar, Bobby Watts and Bert Kammerer doing a tandem flight, and Andy Rummer flying his Logo 500 V-Bar.  Don’t worry, we have lots of videos of these fights to come soon!

This morning began with the kick off of the IRCHA seminar series.  You can find a whole list of the seminars offered on IRCHA’s web site.  I stopped in for a few minutes to the Mikado V-Bar and OS Engines seminars.  I was very impressed with the format and amount of information available.  In the Mikado seminar they had the actual inventor and main engineer of the V-Bar technology to walk through setting up a heli with V-Bar from start to finish.  Over at the OS seminar they had on hand Alan Szabo Jr., Nick Maxwell, and Matt Botos to give their own OS engine tuning tips and techniques.  They also opened the floor to questions and answers for either of OS’s top pilots.  If you ever wanted to know how the pros got their engine tuning so perfectly, this was how you found out.  Kudos to IRCHA for organizing and providing the venue for companies to provide these educational sessions.

Ben Storick with A-Main Hobbies was out today showing off the prototype JS Model Frenzy 90.  This heli is going to do for the 90 market what the Frenzy 50 did for the 50 market.  I was told the Frenzy 90, when available in a couple months, will be priced around $400 for the base model.  The base model comes with a belt drive tail.  However there will be a higher end kit available that includes a torque tube tail system, as well as a optional torque tube upgrade for the base model kit.  Ben is a young man that is progressing very fast and will certainly be one to watch in the coming future.  His flight today on the Frenzy 90 was very impressive, but more so he has a great attitude.  Look for a video of Ben’s flight here very soon.

Outrage RC had the center flight line station for an entire hour today to demo their new Outrage Velocity 50 nitro helicopter.  Team Outrage has brought well over 15 pilots to IRCHA to fly the new 50 nitro heli and show the spectators what the new heli is capable of.  The Velocity 50 started shipping last week and there were a handful available at IRCHA.  The kit is well priced at $549.95 and includes a Outrage 50 nitro pipe.  Look for these to show up at your local field very soon!

OS Engines had in their booth a production OS 55 HZ Hyper engine and new OS Power Boost tuned pipe.  I’m told these engines will be available somewhere in the September time frame.  They are touted as “.60 size power in a .50 size package”. If the 90 HZ is any sign of what to come, the 55 HZ is sure to be a huge success and a very powerful motor.  Look for a full review right here coming in the near future!

Team Castle Creations Tim Jones and his father have been in the shop like two mad scientists creating their own very unique Align T-Rex 700 Electric conversion.  Tim just finished assembling this new conversion on a couple 700’s here at IRCHA and flew them today for the first time. If the custom frame set was not enough, to assure the almost 10hp of electric power was usable Tim made his own main and pinions gears out of a material that will not strip. This heli was not only special for the electric conversion, but it also featured the first public display of the new Castle Castle 700 class electric motor and new HV-160 brushless speed controller that has been in development for some time.

It’s no secret Curtis Youngblood enjoys flybarless and has been working on his own flybarless stabilization unit for some time now.  This week at IRCHA Curtis showed a near final production unit, called the Total G, which will be on sale around end of the year.  For more pictures and info see the dedicated IRCHA article on the Total G by clicking HERE.

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