Well what can I say, my job rocks.  Got to open up a CX3 today and give you guys the low down on the flight report for the brand new Eflite Blade CX3! First impressions was that the body was well thought out, and gave the heli a whole new look.

Had to charge up my battery, throw 4 double A’s in the transmitter, plug the battery in, and pop her into a hover. Initial hovering showed that it lived up to its brother the CX2 in right out of the box flight in 20 minutes, a somewhat trimmed helicopter, and a very stable and smooth flying helicopter.

The tail was much more lively than its predessecor the CX2, I enjoyed the change in it, it felt more solid, and overall had a crisper feel to the tail, somewhat similar response as the Mini CX tail. Once I had it trimmed out it sat comfortably in a hover, effortlessly, nose in, side in, tail in, the heli didnt care, it was happy.

Did some small forward flight with it in our shop, and it handles just ilke a CX2, like it doesnt even care it has the somewhat heavier body on it.
Eflite again has another winner on their hands, providing extreme customer satisfaction of out of the box performance, at a price that is friendly to the consumers wallet. It comes in a RTF and BNF option and the prices are $199 for RTF and $169 for BNF. If your on the edge about what heli to purchase, Eflite has had the market for a while, and with these new items, its hard to not think twice about buying the other brand over Eflite, its nice to walk into your local hobby shop and have the parts in hand, where others may not be so.

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