There is no question, if you planning on going flybarless on your Vibe 50, or Trex 600N, this is the ultimate head for it. Just released exclusively to Readyheli, comes the 3DX Flybarless head. Designed, and made in Mexico, and tested at the Southern Rotory Classic Fun Fly, the results have been perfect! These are made of high quality Aluminum and are Hand polished to achieve an high luster and sheen.

You will need JR Vibe Bearings, dampeners, and spindle to assemble this Rotor Head.

Here is the required parts list:
(1)JR Vibe 50 Blade Spindle Shaft (JRP996139)
(2)Packs of 8 x 14 x 4 JR Blade Grip Bearings (JRP981067)
(1)Pack of 6 x 14 x 5 Thrust Bearings (JRP981070)
(1) Pack of Spindle Shaft Washers (JRP996143)
(1) Pack of Grip Spacer (JRP996144)
(1) Pack of Spindle Shim Washers (JRP996093)

Looks like a fantastic piece of artwork!

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