Well, everyone I am sure has been disappointed to see that there really isn’t a commercial solution that really works well for plug in play to stabilize a camera on a camera gimbal. Sure there are a few out there…even a few that are integrated into flight systems but none of them come close to being 100% effective and/or practical. I am using a Naza separate from my Wookong-M and I am sad to say it doesn’t work that well and it doesn’t work as it should. I am working with DJI now to help them get it working as it should. In the meantime looks like Tabb was fed up and just developed his own which is something I was going to do but I have another electronics project in the pipeline that I have to finish before I can delve off into that. Here are some pretty promising looking shots from Tabb over at Freefly and I am sure you will be impressed at the raw footage right off the camera. No name, price or release date yet…hopefully I will get to help beta test this one Tabb.

Source: Tabb @ FreeFly Cinema

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