Yeah I know?  What is that?? A rare species.  I have only seen two to date.  I am sure there are more.  I am not a RC Heli field lizard.  I was out checking out a new field and met Mandy who I think is sponsored by RJX (don’t quote me on that) but she seems pretty enthusiastic.  I did get to see her fly on a buddy box today with Doug and she was pretty impressive even when Doug was off of the sticks.  I don’t think I would like my GF to be into this stuff as much as I am because then she would know how much money I am blowing on this hobby and not on her.

Here is a picture of Mandy Lee with a Hurricane 50.  Ill try and get some video of her flying soon.  You can see more of her in the August issue of RC Heli Magazine was well.

It was nice meeting everyone from the Potti Pilots field and hopefully I will see more of you guys out there.

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