RC EYE One vs RC EYE One S

Here is what Chris had to say/ask:

“Which one do you prefer and why?

Both are the same size and have identical flight control features, identical flight modes. The difference is mainly the canopy and the landing skid. The “S” version has additional landing legs preventing the motors from having to absorb most of the force during hard landings.

Which one would you rather try to flip? Let us know what you think and do cast your vote.”

Check out the pics:

Here is the test flight vid:

RC EYE NANO (Engineering sample) Maiden Flight.

YouTube Preview Image

First ever flight of the all new “RC EYE NANO” at the Hong Kong Modelers Engineering Club, recorded 24th November 2012. Considered for Q1/2013 exclusively at RCLogger.Com and partners. Share your feedback at http://rclogger.com/forum

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