We’ve managed to get our hands on an exclusive press release for three new products from KDE Direct. As always, the quality looks very high and should easily stand abuse. Read on to find out more.


First off the line is a new Spektrum Revlimiter bracket mount. Designed as a solution to the flimsy Spektrum bracket, this unit made out of aluminum uses a clamp design to hold the sensor up to the engine. The standard M2 screw included with the stock sensor can also be used for redundancy.

Next up is Mod1 gear designed for the T-Rex 700. Built to withstand the abuse that modern power systems produce, this gear is constructed out of MDS cast filled nylon which is as strong as Derlin but holds up longer and proves to be more reliable.

Lastly we have a new Steve Neu electric motor, designed specifically for KDE direct. This motor has an updated magnet core, low resistance windings, and other upgrades to make it more powerful. Optimized for most modern governor algorithms, this motor will definitely prove to be a solid power system for today’s 90 electrics.

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