I recently had the opportunity to talk to Bert Kammerer and Corrado of MSH about the upcoming MSH Brain Flybarless System that is currently in the prototype stage. Bert was kind enough to let me fly his Goblin 700. I’m nowhere near as accomplished of a pilot as Bert, but I can say my experience with the prototype unit was that it is a very promising contender in the flybarless arena in my opinion. When I arrived in Orlando Bert was flying the MSH Brain Flybarless unit anywhere from 30 to 40 times daily over multiple days. If you have seen Bert fly, you know he can put any helicopter through its paces. Check out the video and read below about Bert’s impression of the MSH Brain Flybarless System Prototype.

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Bert’s words on the MSH Brain:

As most of you know, I have been flying the vBar flybarless system for quite some time. I have also tested virtually every other system available on the market, including the BeastX, which has done very well on all my small helis. Last year while on a trip to Europe, I had the opportunity to test fly for the first time a brand new system developed by MSH in Italy, my initial thoughts were actually pretty good, the system indeed “had some potential”. Throughout the past several months, MSH has continued to develop the system and they kindly asked if they could come over to the United States to perform some more tests with my assistance, being as curious as I always am with testing new products, I accepted. Corrado Steri, one of the owners of MSH flew to Orlando, Florida and spent a few days with me testing the unit. I tested the unit very rigorously, making changes, talking to the developer in Europe via Skype and developing new firmware updates on a daily basis. I must say, by the end of Corrado’s trip to the US, I was extremely impressed with the system and very pleased to have played a key role in the development process of out of the box settings as well as changes and improvements.

To sum it all up, this is now my favorite flybarless control system, period! Given my engineering background and extensive experience in testing and R&D, I was extremely demanding during the testing process, I practically tested every single possible combination of settings to achieve the best feel as well as consistency and the unit delivered beyond my expectations. I tested everything very methodically, including piro compensation, flip and roll rate consistency as well as differential during stationary and traveling flight, tracking, overall feel around center and at extremes, pirouetting performance, cyclic bounce among many other things.

The unit will initially be released by MSH under the name “Brain”, future OEM partnerships will be established for the American markets as well as Europe and Asia. Stay tuned, scheduled release is in late July.

Source: Bert Kammerer

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