A2 Gryphon Blades

Gryphon Blades

Introducing Gryphon Blades. First in the Gryphon Blades line is the 700mm Carbon Blades, set to be launched in September.


Length : 700mm

Width : 60mm

Root : 14mm

Hole : 5mm

Weight : 370g/Pair

Gryphon Blades are manufactured in Gryphon plants by Gryphon, instead of through OEM manufacturing.

All materials are from Korea and everything is produced in Korea. Proudly resulting in the best finishing process and high-end performance.

Following the launch of the 700mm Carbon Blades, Gryphon plans on launching a 620mm, a 420mm, and Tail Blades.

Along with the September launch of the 700mm Carbon Blades will be the new 75V 20A Hyper BEC.

Check back with RC Heli Resource for more products coming from Gryphon.

Source: Gryphon

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