First, the biggest info regarding this heli is the kit will include two tail pipes and appropriate parts (torque tube and tail pipe support). . . . one for 700 class and one for 800 class. So the pilot has the choice to build the MD7 or the MD8 and convert from one to the other when desired.

Next, MD Helicopter is offering a empty kit and a combo kit with 4 servos. Here are the descriptions of each offering.

NT$ 30,000
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Helicopter Specials description
-Packed machine will have tail 700 800 tailboom components can be self-assembled MD-7 .
-The main rotor head is 7075 aerospace aluminum manufacturing strength doubling.
-Swashplate 7075 aerospace aluminum manufacturing double bearings reduce virtual bit.
-The spindle 15mm hollow shaft special processing not rust lightweight and strong.
-Large gear using V teeth strong and quiet.
-The axis pass direct gear drive tail system locking more efficient.
-Use spiral bevel small spiral teeth using special steel materials. processing does not rust wearable use.
-Caudate putamen 7075 aerospace aluminum manufacturing bearings use a lock fixed to prevent loosening.
-Tail gear spiral bevel quiet and durable.
-The tail horizontal axis special processing that does not rust.
-Footer Alliance 304 material to manufacture dual Peilin Jia thrust bearing 6mm thickness non-imaginary bit stronger.
-Better tail rotor using special materials super lightweight tail lock-8.

Line Break - Medium Red

NT$ 40,000
*Note please use currency converter for the latest exchange rate in your country.

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