HeliCommand is proud to announce being prime sponsor at the

The first prize is an amazing

$1.000.- CASH
to the fastest run

Guys…get your machines running top-notch.

This challenging event is taking place on Friday, 08/17/2012. Make sure you do not miss this.
Information at the HeliCommand booth on IRCHA main site.

Besides the SpeedCup you shouldn’t miss the

Special IRCHA Deals
by HeliCommand
The HC3-Xbase-and-Upgrade-Deal

Get yourself a HC3-Xbase high performance flybarless controller for less than what you have ever seen before, and experience the outstanding performance, no matter on what and what style you fly it!
Moreover, get yourself an upgrade to the HC3-Xtreme with full parameter set. No matter if you bought the system at the event or prior to it, bring it with you and take your chance at our booth.
Upgrade deal ONLY available directly at the IRCHA Jamboree!

The 15%-HeliCommand-Deal

15% discount on all HeliCommand systems throughout Northern America: HC3-SX, HC3-Xtreme, HC-Rigid, HC-3D and HC-3A.

Very special pilot raffle items for 2012

These units are strictly limited to 2 HC3-Xtreme in Mirror-Chrome edition and 3 HC3-Xbase in Midnight-Black edition, and come in a specialy designed box. No chance to buy these anywhere, as it’s only these FIVE! So get registered NOW as a pilot at IRCHA!

GET READY for the event of the year….we will see you there !

Your HeliCommand-Team USA

Source: HeliCommand-Team USA

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