To sum it all up, “What an experience!” 3DMasters 2009 was a hit. I have always desired to travel to England with my Vegas neighbors Danny and Alan Szabo in past years but was never fortunate enough until the support this site has gained has afforded us an opportunity to goto this spectacular event. I have never been to XFC as well….but I imagine that it is just as spectacular even though I am not a big fan of RC Airplanes.

The travel was very rough…about 32 hours getting there and 28 getting back….three planes each way. I took one for the team…covering this solo to save some money for our “ace up the sleeve” IRCHA 2009. I filmed about 15-16 hours per day almost non-stop and got about 2,500 photos which I cut down to this gallery of about 1,000. I arrived back in L.A. last night at about 11pm and spent the entire night with no sleep editing the photos and backing up all 220 gigs of video.. (about 310 total scenes). On the plane I started a trailer…which I will complete this week. As we speak videos are being compressed as well and will trickle out over the next two weeks. Please be patient…I do still work a full time job…and cant spend 18 hours per day encoding and editing video but I remain committed to get everything publishable up by IRCHA….because that will start yet another set of videos but at least we will have a team of 8 to do it and we will be editing and encoding ON SITE.

Congratulations to Dominik Haegele and Tom-Erik Rolfson for taking 1st place in Masters and Expert Classes respectively.

Team ElyQ was definitely in HIGH gear with the LARGEST PRESENCE of any manufacturer I have ever seen at an event.

With one of the largest tents, teams, models and staff totaling about 35…they were defiantly doing it “BIG.”   Showing off the Vision line, stick snapping pilots and hinting of more NEW products to come at IRCHA.  Some of the most spectacular demos came from their pilots which will be posted soon.

TSA Model was on hand….a new venture lead by Aussie pilot Nigel Brown looks very promising.  Smashing onto the scene with an entire arsenal of helicopters both nitro and e-powered from 50 to 90 size they are not starting off small.  Keep your eye out for these guys.  They look like they are doing things right.  Even though we did not get to see the models fly….the prototypes and specs look impressive.

Kontronics was on hand and gave the the exclusive scoop on two new controllers which we will elaborate on in a detailed post.

Team Align was out in force.  Alan Jr. is working on a new “bling” version of the famed Align T-Rex 700 which we got the first photos of ever.  A detailed post will folllow.

I’d like to personally thank the following people who helped make this trip a success and without their support would had been impossible to pull off: Team RCHeliResource, Team ElyQ, Chris Walton of FastLad Performance, Alan Szabo Jr, Danny Szabo, Jeff Barringer, Dave Dijkmans of Key Resorts, Gap of Canomod. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out….if I did its because I am sleepy not because you aren’t important or valued.

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