Team arrived in Detroit this weekend to bring you the event coverage you are always looking for.  This event, organzied by the MC of RC “Big D” was second to none.  His team treated us with the utmost respect and hospitality.  We appreciate them hosting us.  New debut of the Vision 50 Pro was on hand along with the Hibrobo SD50 (which we never got to see fly) distributed by MRC.  Here is the photo gallery.   We are processing the videos sitting here in the Airport so maybe we will have something as far as video posted late tonite or tomorrow at the latest.

Notables in the building were, Bobby Watts, Big-D, Alex Rodriguez, Bert Kammerer, Danny Szabo, JC Zankle, AJ Jaffee, Jarred Granzow, Kyle Stacey and many other great pilots.

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