DJI Request to all “WooKong-M” Users

Please be aware this is a “Reminder” to WooKong-M users, it is NOT an additional recall request. If your GPS/compass module has already been upgraded or you are in the process of getting it upgraded then please ignore this notice. Otherwise, please see below.


DJI, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers in UAV systems, has announced a voluntary recall of all WooKong-M GPS compasses purchased after June 15th, 2012. The compass firmware contained a bug that, under very specific conditions, could send an erratic signal causing a spike in power and overall system failure. DJI confirmed both the fault and the bug fix by flying four S800s under heavy burden on electric tether for more than 72 hours without failure.

72 Hour Wookong- M Test Flight

In order to validate the compass bug fix for the Wookong-M, we flew 4 Spreading Wings 800’s for 72 continuous hours. Before updating the compasses there would be at least one failure within 12 hours of flight. After the fix, the same four S800’s flew for 72 hours without a single hardware or software failure.
Go to the link below to check if your firmware is the most updated:

Since learning of the system failures, DJI spent more than 1600 man hours in research and testing to determine the fault and develop a solution for customers. Through the vigorous research process, DJI engineers not only fixed the bug in the firmware, but also developed multiple new innovations for the WooKong-M GPS compass.

“ALL” customers with WooKong-M GPS compasses purchased after June 15th, 2012 should click here or contact their dealer to get information on returning their GPS/Compass module for firmware upgrade.

DJI is excited that the company not only discovered the fault and developed a fix, but also created a superior firmware in the process. The company looks forward to working with all customers to quickly replace their affected compasses and get everyone back in the air.

GPS with two black moulding marks (see picture) is 100% good to use:

GPS with grey connector plug (see picture) is 100% good to use:

If your WKM GPS has a completely white top AND a black connector plug then the GPS might require a firmware upgrade. Please select go here to verify the status of your product:

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