Looks like DJI is making it hard for people not to use their stuff. They have just announced a pre order of a GPS upgrade to the already incredible Naza controller which will make it almost as good as the Wookong. Flying Hobby is taking pre-orders hopefully we will be able to get more information as to what exactly is the difference between a $1200 Wookong M and a $500 upgraded Naza.  You must already own the Naza (why wouldn’t you…lol) and preorder price is $190.

Coupon Code: nazagps030

EXPECTED JUNEGPS add-on for the Naza! It now includes GPS!  The features of the WK-M at a price you can afford!  It’s physically smaller and lighter than the WK-M and offers Alt Holt, Return to home, GPS Hold, Intelligent Mode (Carefree), Failsafe autoland, etc. Very simple install, and the price is unbelievable.  It will be direct plug in for existing users with firmware upgrade & new assistant.

Source: Flying Hobby

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