Buy a Futaba FAAST System and get a Free Futaba Sports Bottle! Just in time for the hot summer weather. Which FAAST System you ask? Continue through to get the details for this cool promo from Futaba.


Hydrate in style at the track or flying field! When you buy a select Futaba FASST system through August 31, 2012, you’ll receive a FREE stainless steel sports bottle. This handsome orange bottle is laser-engraved with a silver Futaba logo, and holds 24 ounces of your favorite beverage. It’s a $24.99 retail value — and it’s yours FREE with your Futaba radio purchase!

Get a FREE Futaba Sports Bottle with any of these FASST systems!

Click on the Futaba System Title for more product information.

4PKS 2.4GHz R614FS

8FG Super 2.4GHz R6208SB
FUTK8010 8FGAS Mode 2
FUTK8011 8FGHS Mode 2

10CG 2.4GHz R6014HS
FUTK9255 10CAG Air Mode 2
FUTK9256 10CHG Heli Mode 2
FUTK9257 10CAG Air Mode 1
FUTK9258 10CHG Heli Mode 1

12FG 2.4GHz R6014HS
FUTK9275 12FGA Air Mode 2
FUTK9276 12FGH Heli Mode 2

12Z 2.4GHz R6014HS
FUTK9300 12Z Air Mode 2
FUTK9301 12Z Heli Mode 2

14MZ 2.4GHz R6014HS
FUTK9400 14MZ Air Mode 2
FUTK9401 14MZ Heli Mode 2

18MZ 2.4GHz R7008SB
FUTK9530 18MZ Air Mode 2
FUTK9531 18MZ Heli Mode 2

Source: Futaba

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