While we are getting ready for our own Nats, the folks over in Europe have already completed theirs! We’ll bring you more news as we get it!

Day 1
The temperature in the daytime is about 25℃, but the morning and evening are cool enough for the short sleeve. It looks very good weather of the whole year.

From this year, F3N category is added in F3C European Championship, and it is held 600m away from the F3C flying site. The finals will be held at the same place as F3C, and it will be easier to watch.

F3C : 49 competitors (from 20 countries)
F3N : 24 competitors (from 9 counties)

Explain simply about F3N. F3N is a category of 3D competition authorized by FAI. The contents of the competition is constructed by 1) Routine 2) Free Style 3) Flight with the music. The Japan Grand-Prix (MRHA Festa) which will be held in August in Japan is the competition this F3N new rule will be employed. This F3N is the competition getting popular in European countries, and the new heli pilots has started flying this new category.


Preliminary rounds have already ended.
Top group was dominated by the flyers who were the members of the World Championship held in Italy 2011, and 15 competitors were left in finals.

1st Ennio Graber

2nd Bemhard Egger (JR)

3rd Stefano Lucchi

4th Alessandro Del Lungo (JR)

5th Uwe Kieesewetter (JR)

6th Amaud Poyet
7th Dominik Haggele
8th Laurent Lombard (JR)
9th Stefan Wachsmuth (JR)
10th Steave Robarts (JR)
11th Lorenzo Sardelli
12th Fabio Livi
13th Pierre Guiterrez
14th Remo Hurilmann (JR)
15th Marc Emmenegger (JR)

Total 18 competitors out of 49 selected JR Helicopters. This is the highest count. And 8 JR pilots were qualified in final.

[Tendency of the preliminary rounds]
1st Ennio Graber
Mr. Ennio Graber got 1000pints in all rounds. Slow Hovering, flying low and slow in pattern maneuver in the air. Very compact flight but wonderful.

2nd Bemhard Egger(JR)
Mr. Bemhard Egger, European Champion in 2010, who selected JR DMSS XG11 and SYE12 Helicopter from this year. He showed a very careful hovering and fast and dynamic pattern maneuver in the air. Expecting his fantastic flight in finals.

3rd Stefano Lucchi
Experienced flyer Mr. Lucchi, doing well among the young and hot flyers. Knows everything about F3C, very calm, slow and dynamic flight brought out the high score.

Tope 3 pilots have their own flying style. We felt the flyers flying with their comfortable speed are making very stable maneuvers.


Preliminary rounds have already ended.
Top 10 pilots in the preliminary rounds were qualified in finals. 5 in top 10 use JR DMSS XG8, and Mr. David Souriot (5th in preliminary round) and Mr. Tim Henning (7th in preliminary round) will compete in finals with JR VIBE SG E12 helicopter.

Day 2
Today’s schedule is F3C/F3N Final round 1 and 2. Though the competition was interrupted occasionally because of heavy rain, the weather improved in the afternoon and the final rounds ended completely.

The competition went in the order of F3C / 1st round → F3N / 1st round → F3C / 2nd round → F3N / 2nd round at the same flying field. Since the judges for F3C were different from that for F3N, all the competitions went through whole day without breaks including lunch.


F-pattern, relatively higher degree of difficulty, was employed for the final rounds.
The competition started from Mr. Laurent Lombard from France (18 years old). He participated with his JR E12 helicopter which he changed from this year. He is a really experienced flyer who participated the F3C world championship several times, and since he used to be a good F3A flyer, his flying line in the air is always very precise, and he showed us very wonderful flights.

Today was a very calm day, and since all the competitors did their flights under same conditions, most of them did the wonderful flights with less mistakes, which was very impressive. As a result, Mr. Ennio Graber, good condition since preliminary rounds, got 1000 points in both final rounds, and he won before the final round. Since the following competitors are very close each other, no one knows who will stand on the podium. It will be really exciting finals tomorrow.


F3N 1st round will start from Routine flight. The competitors will select the patterns to fly by considering the coefficient, and have to declare the selected patterns with their order to fly.

Most of the competitors selected the difficult patterns including pirouette with cut back. Also, it looks many of the helicopters were set with lower rotor RPM to keep the helicopters as stable as possible.

F3N 2nd round is Free maneuvers.
Much different from Routine, the rotor RPM is set higher to keep the quick movement, and the flights are totally different from the previous ones. Triple Axis Gyro System, possible to set up the helicopters electrically, enabled both stable and quick flights with the same helicopter.

The flights in the final round are with music. The competition will be more exciting than the flights without music.

Reported by S.Kunii via JRPropo.com

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