The Ely-Q Vision 50 is an awsome performer out of the box, but now you can have even better performance with Ely-Q’s newest upgrades to the Vision!

Lets start off with Ely-Q’s new 3D decal sheet

You get a mean looking canopy along with great visibility, a great combination for 3D and beginner pilots.

Next is the new 3D landing skid, this really looks great!

The third bearing set is available now.
The EQ2080 Lower Third Bearing block set and EQ0451-XT Extended Hardened Main Shaft are now available in stock and ready to ship. They dramatically improve the stiffness and response of the Vision50, making it even more reactive and precise to the most demanding manoeuvres, especially in the very quick and extreme elevator direction changes.

Next is the new front tail servo set.

And last is the mini servo adapter plate, this allows you to use a wider range of servos.

*Please note that these are all UPGRADES and will not be included in stock kits.

Upgrades will be availible from Ely-Q distributors and authorized resellers starting at the end of January.

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