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Pricing is now up for the Ballistic 635 kits, yes kits plural.

If you are on the list for a K2001 kit, but would like blades in your kit, the K2002 is only $100 more! Call us and make sure you get the one you want.

Oh, yeah, and we are still on schedule for a December release date so there’s that to get excited about too!

Dealers can log in to their dealer accounts here to see their pricing and place orders: https://www.santrio.com/CustSignIn.aspx?ID=13601

Also, we have a few new products including but not limited to black landing gear for the Rave 700 line so head on over and check out what’s new!

Rave Ballistic 635


ND-YR6-K2001 does not come with main blades or tail blades.

Line Break - Medium Yellow


ND-YR6-K2002 comes with Radix 625mm Main Blades& Radix 95mm Tail Blades.

This is a pre-order/backorder. Click HERE to choose your kit and place your Pre-order with Curtis Youngblood Hobbies.

Or call (877) 385-4633 be put on the pre-order list!

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