Looks like NOVAROSSI is trying to take a hold of the RC Helicopter market.  Last week they released 2 new RC Helicopter motors and now we have 2 new tuned pipes to go with them.  Here is a press release:

REX 3D Helicopter Tuned Pipes Press Release.
09, Febr. 2009

NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l. releases 2 new Tuned Pipes for use on the REX 3D Heli engines.

The 2 new Tuned pipes are optimized for use on the REX R57HR 3D & R91HR 3D Helicopter engines.
While at the same time they can increase the performance of other available .50 & .90 Heli engines.

Key Features:
– Flexible mounting system with anti vibration supports in silicone;
– Standard manifold for ease of use with other brands;
– Venturi type manifold to improve engine dynamics;
– Internal dimensions of the expansion chambers based on NOVAROSSI’s V.R.S (Volume Resonance System);
– Low weight;
– Compact size.

After different studies and extensive testing with various pilots NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l. has perfected
their Tuned Pipes for REX 3D Heli engines, based on rigid calculations of NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l. V.R.S. system.  Improving internal shapes of the Tuned Pipes based on V.R.S. calculations resulted in
Tuned Pipes that optimized the power curve, general engine dynamics and maximum power out put.

The new REX tuned pipes for 3D heli engines are a perfect fit for 3D competition pilots who demand a lively engine response combined with great performance.

Optimal engine RPM for the REX R57HR 3D engine with Tuned Pipe nr. 50357: 17500 ~ 18500 RPM
Optimal engine RPM for the REX R91HR 3D engine with Tuned pipe nr. 50491: 15000 ~ 16000 RPM

Manifolds are not included.
(40357 for use with the R57HR 3D & 50357)
(40491 for use with the R91HR 3D & 50491)

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