Miniature Aircraft entering the 800 class helis

Fans and owners of the Whiplash series this is hot news for you. Heli Wholesaler announced at the Toledo Weak Signals show plans for an 800 stretch kit as an upgrade to the Whiplash base model. As of right now only the upgrade kit will be available with no plans for a full kit, but plans may change, so check back with us here at RCHR. This Whiplash 800 stretch upgrade kit will allow the use of 800 main and 115 tail blades.

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New Tail revealed

Check this out owners of the Fury 55 and Furion 6. Miniature Aircraft has revealed a new tail for you. Come on back to RCHR as more information becomes available.

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Whiplash Nitro Shipping

Who says Friday 13th is a bad luck day. I guess only if you are superstitious. Well, Miniature Aircraft has very good news for everyone following the Whiplash Nitro. Kits have started shipping. Actually, the kits started shipping yesterday, April 12th, one day earlier than the planned Friday 13th date. So, do you think Friday 13th is still bad luck?

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Mavrikk unveils new ST Blades

These new Mavrikk ST Blades look cool. Check back with RCHR as more information becomes available.

Source: Edsel Labao and Mike Fortin

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