I just found this new 500 sized heli (500mm blades) while cruising the forums. Can’t find much info specs wise, but it is known as the M3D 500. This heli will come out of the package with all the bling, no upgrades necessary. Read on for more info on the heli.


Here is a quote from runryder.com about this heli-

“Basically, this is a helicopter that has been manufactured basing on the design concept of the pilot; it has undergone a not-short period of time for testing and modification before its official launching.
Seeing from its exterior dimension, M-3D 500 demonstrates a feeling of highly sedateness and introversion, being equipped with a colorful-painted canopy made of streamline fiberglass; M-3D has been built with all-metal structure of main rotor head/tail rotor head that represents the contemporary top quality pattern as well as the mainstream design of double-plate fuselage side board. A metallic reinforced mainstay has been allocated with the 1.6 mm fiberglass sideboard to construct the fuselage structure of light in weight and high rigidity.

The battery seat under the fuselage could be used to collocate with various types of 6S2P batteries; this enables an important mechanism for adjusting the center of gravity. The rotor head, fabricated and processed by the sharp cut of entire aluminum alloy, contains the patented rotor head BELL-HILLER Control System. The maximum Pitch range could reach +/- 14 degrees with a high-class design of tunable action-ratio; the hovering while taking off is very stable, it could pretty satisfy the different flight characteristic demands of the pilots.

The mainstream 120-degree CCPM control mode has been adopted for the all-metal swashplate. The usage of the servo is even a great considerate designing idea proposed by the designer. It could be used as long as it is a standard servo. The designer only makes a request of using FUTABA S3001 to manifest the agile control functionality.

All-metal materials are also used for making the tail rotor case and the mainstream belt-driven has been adopted too. The rotation ratio of main gear and tail gear is 1:4.3.

Regarding the 500mm fiberglass and the compound material of fiber-carbon, the 500 MM main gear is the standard accessory and the Z20 brush-less motor made by Z-POWER company is bundled; its KV value is 1470 and it weights 205G. It has been collocated with the motor gear 11p to drive the 159P main gear; even adding in 6S-3300MA 18C battery, the whole heli weights less than 2500G.

The ultimate concept of the designer is to fulfill “easy configuration, convenient maintenance, enough components, high stability, agile action, secure operation” and all of these have been completely realized on this helicopter.”

Broken english I know but it gives you a basic overview. The poster also mentioned that Helihobby and FX Aeromodels may carry the kit. We will see how it turns out.

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