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Lynx Heli Innovations has redefined the standard T-Rex 700E slant tooth main gear.

A slant tooth gear must be stiff to avoid bending or distortion under load.

After intensive testing, and with the help of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software, our engineers have developed an innovative design with specific crossing radius dimensions to achieve the maximum in stiffness with the lightest weight possible.

We manufacture this gear on highly accurate CNC machines to assure exacting tolerances and precision.

Our testing allowed us to choose a tecnopolymer whose minimal wear characteristics were proven flight after flight.

The Lynx slant tooth main gear also features increased gear thickness to 10 mm (1 mm more than standard) in order to increase tooth contact area.
This small change increases the maximum load by 20% compared to the standard gear.

Our T Rex 700E HD slant tooth main gear is 100% compatible (correct gear mesh) when used on the T-Rex 700E V1 and V2.
It is also compatible with the T-Rex 600E Pro, but requires the Lynx 550/600 HD main gear case (LX0269) in order to fit.

Tips for top performance:
While we tested this gear with the standard aluminum Align pinions, we recommend our HD steel slant tooth pinions to achieve the maximum performance and wear resistance possible, flight after flight.

Material: Tecnopolymer base POM
Weight: 59.5g
Packing List: 1 x T-Rex 700E CNC heavy duty slant tooth main gear

Source: Lynx Heli Innovations

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