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We received a set of TP 45C 5000 maH packs at IRCHA to test in the Electric Aurora. When we tried these packs we realized that because they were heavier than the ones we had been using the CG went forward making the helicopter a bit too nose heavy with this news packs. We decided to change the frame layout and allow for a long channel at the bottom pack that can be used to adjust the CG of the helicopter. This is the new frame layout that allows for that adjustment based on what packs you’re using.

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We also added a side frame location for the receiver battery pack. If you’re using 3850 packs you will probably need the front receiver battery tray installed. This will become an optional tray available separately.

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Based on input form the test pilots trying to make radio installation easier we also changed the location of the gyro plate to the top front. Most new gyros are much smaller and since there are no vibrations from a nitro engine this locations becomes more convenient for radio installations too.

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Notice how due to a new law the 5000 packs now include an extra wire to break the total pack into two electrically smaller ones for legal transportation. We also included relief space now for the extra wire.

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We also improved the wiring to make it even cleaner radio installations

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We increased the length of the ESC window to make it easier to fit longer ESC like the Jive controller

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