With the overwhelming response to Align’s Trex 700e many pilots are having questions about proper esc setup. Bert Kammerer has posted his esc setup along with some graphs to show what he is running, check it out!

bert graph


I have received numerous emails and PMs asking to share my Castle ICE 80 HV setup as well as my data and graphs. I am currently running the ESC in fixed throttle mode. However, it can also be configured to run in governor mode. I prefer fixed throttle because I get crazy head speed in the beginning, which suits my flying style well. The only drawback of running fixed throttle mode is that the head speed decay is obviously way more pronounced towards the end of the flight.

ESC Settings:

  • Vehicle Type: Helicopter
  • Throttle Type: Fixed Endpoints
  • Cutoff Voltage: Auto Li-Po
  • Current Limiting: Insensitive
  • Cutoff Type: Soft Cutoff
  • Auto-Lipo Volts/Cell: 3.0 Volts/Cell
  • Motor Timing: Custom 8
  • PWM Rate: Outrunner Mode

If you prefer to run governor mode, then simply change the throttle type to “Helicopter Governor Mode” and use these settings:

  • Settings for Governor Mode: Set RPM
  • Initial Spool-Up Rate: Medium
  • Head Speed Change Rate: Medium
  • Governor Gain: Medium (you will need to adjust this)
  • Battery Pack Voltage: 3.70 (adjust settings for 12s)
  • Motor and Gearing: (adjust settings for 115T main and 12T pinion, 510KV motor, 10 poles)
  • Desired Head Speeds: 1800, 1950, 2050 (you’ll get an error on 2050, don’t worry! It works fine at 96.4%)

Keep in mind, your throttle curves on your transmitter need to be set at 30% for normal mode, 70% for idle/stunt 1 and 100% for idle/stunt 2 in order for the governor mode to work correctly.

As for the governor gain, start at “Medium” as indicated above, hover your heli and if your tail is smooth go fly, if the tail shows a bit of a glitch or inconsistent wag, reduce the gain. You can keep increasing your governor gain until the tail starts to act up, then back it down from there. The goal is to have the highest gain you can get without causing tail problems.

Gear Ratio!

Do not attempt to run a larger pinion on this motor, increasing the pinion size will decrease the life of the motor and possibly even burn it! If you want a higher head speed and more head room for governor mode, I recommend going with a different motor and gear ratio. KDE I believe is making an upgrade kit for the 700E that allows to move the motor back and forward to accommodate different motors and gear ratios.

80 Amp Controller Enough?

I get this question a lot. Yes! It is more than enough for this setup, the highest current I can push through this controller with this setup is about 120 amps and that is just a peak lasting less than 1 second. The average current is well below the 80 amp rating. The highest internal temperature of the controller is 175 degrees with an average temperature of 150. This controller can handle up to 212 degrees. If you are not comfortable with these numbers, then you should get the Castle ICE HV 125, your call! I prefer the 80 because it is light and small.


Here are the graphs of one of my harder flights, if you have the CastleLink Graph Viewer, you can download the raw csv file here.

bert graph 2

Source: Bert Kammerer

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