The Bantam E-Station BC6 ‘Dual Power’ AC/DC charger looks like a winner for those of you that can afford a POWER SUPPLY and a lipo charger.  This combines both in one unit.  For $139.00 this is a good buy.


– Dual input power – AC/DC

The BC-6 is AC and DC compatible right out of the box, no external power adapter needed. Charge up to 16 cells of NiCd/NiMH and 6S of Lithium batteries with a maximum charge rate of 5.0A.

– Balances and Charges your lipos

The BC-6 has an individual-cell-voltage balancer built in, so you won’t need an external balancer when charging Lithium batteries (Li-Ion/LiPo/LiFe).

Want to charge 2 or 3 batteries at the same time? Click here for a full tutorial! You’ll also need one of our Multi-Pack Charging Harnesses. Click here.

Be sure to pick up an adapter board so you can take advantage of this charger’s balancing function. Adapter boards are not included with charger. Choose from the list below –

Single Battery Adapters –
Bantam E-Station balancing adapter board – PolyQuest-style
Bantam E-Station balancing adapter board – CSRC/Align/E-Flite-style
Bantam E-Station balancing adapter board – Kokam/Graupner-style
Bantam E-Station balancing adapter board – Thunder Power-style

Multiple Battery Adapters –
Bantam E-Station multi-pack balancing board – PolyQuest-style
Bantam E-Station multi-pack balancing board – CSRC/Align/E-Flite-style
Bantam E-Station multi-pack balancing board – Kokam/Graupner-style
Bantam E-Station multi-pack balancing board – Thunder Power-style


– Balances individual cells during discharge

The BC-6 also can monitor and balance individual cells during the discharge process. If the voltage of any one cell varies abnormally, the process will stop an error message will appear.

– Charges several types of lithium batteries

The BC-6 charges three types of Lithium batteries – LiIo, LiPo and LiFe. Safely charges any of these battery chemistries.

– Lithium battery ‘Fast’ and ‘Storage’ modes

‘Fast’ charge reduces the charging time of Lithium batteries and ‘Storage’ mode controls the final voltage of the battery for long-term storage.

– Data store/load

The BC6 stores information about up to 5 batteries in its internal memory. Each battery’s info can be recalled at any time, saving you time in reprogramming.

– Cyclic charging/discharging

Perform 1 to 5 cycles of charge and discharge to keep your batteries refreshed and balanced.

– PC based analysis through USB port

For advanced users, the BC-6 offers an optional PC-based program that can analyze your battery via a USB connection. It shows a graph of voltage, current, capacity and temperature curves. It also shows the individual voltage of each cell in your pack.

– Tough aluminum outer case

High-quality aluminum case is durable and helps the charger cool efficiently.

Click here to see the user’s manual.

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Source: Common Sense RC

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