DC-16 Update Version 1.07

After a long period of development and testing, releasing the current firmware version for the transmitter DC-16 for the general public. Corrects known deficiencies as well as new features. Among them let us mention:

● Special offer for setting pit roll ( Snap Roll ).
● Universal sequencer for general use (only) during landing gear extension.
● Translation units of distance and speed.
● Proportional evaluation of logical switches.
● Function removing screen (screenshot).
● Shutting RF modules on request.
● Extended mode Double Path.
● Resolved stability date and time.
● Support for SD cards larger than 4 gigabytes

This update contains among others all the news from the previous versions:
● Voice telemetry
● Throttle limiter for helicopters
● Modified menu Butterfly
● Acoustic signaling variou
● Dynamic volume adjustment
● Total time model
● Tuning the aileron differential

Before you update Please always read the attached document ReleaseNotes. In it are always up to date information on the firmware version.

Click HERE to download the release notes.

Procedure firmware update version 1.07:

First Connect the transmitter to a PC via USB
Second Confirm the transmitter to establish communication with PC
3rd Download the update for your appropriate language (EN). To a temporary directory to expand the file content updates.
4th On the PC, open the transmitter and partition into the root directory copy all files from your temporary folder. If you have version 1.05 and earlier, and do not want the original system sounds, which are located in the folder / Audio , you can clear. The new system sounds are located in the folder / Audio / cz . In order to keep all the configuration data never delete files / Config / Config.jsn , / Config / Calib.jsn and folder / model also leave untouched.
5th Turn off the transmitter and turn it on again. When you turn on the transmitter firmware updates.

UPDATE 1.07.1

Note: Adjusted incorrect evaluation of telemetry data with šestibitovým data type.
DC-16 Version 1.07.1 CZ (Czech buzz)
DC-16 Version 1.07.1 EN (English messages)
DC-16 Version 1.07.1 DE (German messages)
DC-16 Version 1.07.1 FR (French messages)

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