For all those participating in the BETA process for Phoenix Flight Simulator version 3.0e is available for you to download. Read on for the details of this update.

Phoenix RC

New update released:

Phoenix v 3.0.e BETA update

This update is now available for download from your automatic updates list if you have the version 3.0 BETA installed.

If you do not have the version 3.0 BETA installed and wish to participate in the BETA process, please download and install it now from our Downloads page.

Improvements and fixes
•Added “Model > Edit > Flybarless > Auto trim enabled” attribute for helicopters:
• Enabling this option counters certain flybarless effects such as bobbing
• Users can now join a passworded session by typing password, pressing ENTER, then pressing ENTER again to join
• Added “passworded” icon to sessions under online session browser list
• Added ability to resize multiplayer toolbar vertically to see more chat items
• Added session user model icon on multiplayer toolbar
• Minimum rotor disk visibility decreased to 5%
• Improved onscreen function and hotkey notification pop-ups
• Onscreen controller now has vertical centralisation marks on tumblers
• Improved network connectivity
• “Highest” detail level added to System > Program Setup > Display > Smoke Quality option

• Resolved: Online chat window no longer clips bottom line
• Resolved: Online chat window no longer shows “Has created a session” text for all currently running sessions
• Resolved: Update system no longer counts unavailable updates
• Resolved: Favourites toolbar functions correctly with favourites folders
• Resolved: Scale Wizard issue with attributes going out of bounds
• Resolved: Small issue with Model > Change menu with models that have very long names

Source: Phoenix Flight Simulator

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