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New firmware V3
V3 is out, you can get it here.

Right click on the .zip-file and download it to your PC. Then unzip the .upd file and upload this file by using the BEASTX – updater software and USB2SYS interface to your MICROBEAST. Here is a short step-by-step if you need further information:…r-Step-by-Step

Note: You need to install the BEASTX updater software to your PC or Mac. The zip file mentioned above only contains the firmware file for the Microbeast. You computer can’t use this. The BEASTX updater is the necessary tool to bring this file into the Microbeast unit. Please note that your Microbeast or heli has to be powered on to communicate with the PC via the USB2SYS interface. The interface does not power the unit on its own. So don’t forget to switch on heli and TX otherwise the Updater software will not recognize your unit.

Also note: After updating you will have to redo all the setup! Any former setting will be deleted. This is necessary due to the firmware being completely new.

(If you’re already using V2.9.5 which has been released at IRCHA2011 you don’t have to redo the setup again as this has already Dataversion 6. Only you have to outfly the tail gain anew, as the tail algorithm did slighty change last week.)

There also is a brand new V3 manual! Not only you have to do the setup once again, you should also follow the new manual exactly as you would have bought the unit today. So also redo the inflight parameter adjustments and bring your transmitter adjustments back to “0”. Center the 3 dials (or even lower when using a 250/450 heli). Adjust the tail gain in your TX to a typical starting point. Do not touch the parameter menu points so far.
It is likely your old V2 adjustments won’t fit!

So as you also have to redo the main heli setup, bring your pitch curve back to -100 +100 and clear all expo and DR/ATV settings back to 100% or 0%.

Short note here: Please don’t forget to check your tail atv / DR later onwards when paramter menu point B is set to “transmitter”. As you may know since V2 you can get into some kind of “free-wheel” mode at a specific tail stick position. So make sure, the status LED indicating the gyro being in HH-mode will not go off at full tail stick deflection. For further information see the manual chapter: parameter menu point B.

And very very important note to Spektrum satellite only users:
You are now able to connect DSM2 and DMSX satellite remote receivers directly to the MICROBEAST. In this case it is very important to set the correct type of satellite in the Microbeast. Otherwise it may also seem to work but only for a couple of time and failure will happen the sooner or later!
It is not important which transmission type is later used and selected in the transmitter. Only relevant is which type of satellite is used.
Here you have to be very careful as you cannot rely 100% on the look of the satellite (whether it is a black DSMX or a transparent DSM2 satellite). For example also transparent DSM2 satellites that have a DSMX software are in circulation. You can only identify these by a small sticker on the inside of the casing.

New features of V3.0.0:
● reduced swash servo peak power consumption

● Throttle and Aux channel now directly “online” after power up in single line mode.

● New swashplate algorithm: again more direct and sudden reaction to cyclic commands

● At parameter menu point “F” (Revomix) now also preset values selectable. So computer is not absolutely necessary to use RevoMix function (only for fine tuning)

● Calculation of Revomix is now depending on the pitch adjustment at setup menu point “K”. So it is possible to use assymetric pitch values in combination with asymmetric Revomix

● new cyclic response parameter (parameter point “G”)
This allows to select a more natural – “flybarlike” control feeling. Please don’t use too high expo or ATV/DR values in the beginning as this could produce a very “extreme” response of the heli. Also only increase the different stages step by step.

● New pitch boost function (parameter menu point H)

● New tail algorithm.
Perfect constant tail rate also in close proximity to the maximum rotation rate and faster response when changing rotation direction.
Therefore it is necessary to outfly the maximum possible tail gain and only increase HH-Gain (parameter menu point D) as far as necessary. Again as mentioned before don’t forget to verify that the tail stick does not control the gyro into “free-wheel” mode.

● Also as already mentioned: now DSMX and DSM2 satellites supported and selectable. Again don’t forget: only the type of satellite remote receiver is important for correct choice in the Microbeast.

● Trimm function at parameter menu point A slightly modified. It now works quite similar to a transmitter’s trimm function by tapping the control stick to trimm the swash in small steps.

● Now compatible to our new BEASTRX receivers which support our new SRXL singleline protocol. Receivers will be fully compatible to Futaba fasst and frSky systems. Coming soon ..

● One last note: The Microsettings PC software for adjusting swashplate phasing and revomix is not compatible with this new V3 firmware. New Microsettings software is in the works and will soon be available. Thanks for your patience!
(Of course you can use the preset RevoMix values for the present!)

Source: BeastX

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