What to know how to do a flip? It’s in there.
What to learn how to do rolls? You got it.
Ever wanted to invert your heli? Bobby will show you how.
How about avoiding crashes? Bobby has a tip for that too.

You get all that in the latest installment from Smacktalk R/C in Chapter #6 of Smack 101, titled “Flips, Rolls, Inverted & Avoiding Crashes”. Thanks Bobby for the tutorial. Click through to read the description of the tutorial and how to purchase this installment.

Smack 101 Chapter #6 – Flips, Rolls, Inverted & Avoiding Crashes

Bobby explains how to go inverted for the very first time! In detail, he covers flips, rolls, and inverted hovering. As a final tip, he provides some insight that will help in avoiding crashing due to improper stick movements. Runtime: 16:05. Audience: Beginner pilots looking to improve their skills. Price: $1.69.

YouTube Preview Image

Click HERE to purchase Smack 101 Chapter #6.

Source: SmackTalk R/C

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