Do you have a Phoenix Sim? Are you planning on buying a Phoenix Sim? Are you using a Spektrum or JR transmitter with your Phoenix Sim? Then read on for the info on this wireless adapter.

Wireless Phoenix

You don’t want to ruin your eyes by being to close to your TV screen or computer monitor when you are on your Phoenix Sim, right? But the cord is too short. Well, here is a product that you will need. Joerg reported on modellheli news about a wireless adapter developed for the Phoenix Sim. Following is the info posted by “bmrlvigil”.

Helifreak user xygax has been working on a wireless adapter for the Phoenix Sim and it is now completed and will be available Mid Sept. 2010.

Wireless Phoenix

What you need…
A copy of phoenix and its dongle, Your DX6I , DX7, DSX9 etc. and an AR6100 receiver.

How it works….
The signals from a 6100 are consecutive and the wireless adapter rebuilds these into a composite PPM signal that Phoenix needs. It will work from 5 to 9 channels just depends on the RX you plug into it.

How to make it work…
Plug the 6100 into the adapter and the phoenix dongle then plug into a USB port (the rx gets its power from the USB as does the phoenix dongle) Bind the RX to your radio and set up Phoenix to your radio as normal. Then you can throw the whole thing behind your PC because you don’t need to see it again. When you turn the radio off Phoenix will tell you its unplugged. It just works. We have had a couple on trial since Xmas.

How much is it ???
They will retail at £19 + post… not sure how much that will be to US at the moment.

“xygax” also provided me with the following information.

“It will probably work with other sims that connect to a trainer port but at present I have only proved it with Phoenix.”

“The prototypes have been on trial for over a year now and proved reliable and the production size batches will be on order this week. Estimated delivery is Mid. Sept. 2010.”

“I have ordered 250 units to be manufactured this week (at considerable expense) and they are due to me Sept. 16, 2010.”

“International shipping is not yet known but I will bolt that down in next few days. They will be available via Midlands / Fastlads in UK at the moment not sure about state side yet.”

“I am in the process of sorting a website with the PayPal links on it but its a bit early for that at the moment.”

Should you wish to order yours, you can contact “xygax” at or send him a PM here on HeliFreak. Please note that the units will not be available till Mid. Sept. 2010.

Source: “bmrlvigil” via Modellheli news

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