The Flightline with host Dave Bottita

Here are the details of the show.

‘The Flightline’ will have its maiden airing today, Tuesday, August 9th at 6pm (PST) and will feature Guests and subjects from both the Fixed-wing and also the Heli Community.

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And now a little background for your host Dave Bottita.

Dave Bottita made his entry into RC modeling in the spring of 1980 at the age of 15. His first model was a Goldberg Gentle Lady two channel glider. Since then he has had models in just about every area of RC with the exception of boating. From about age 17 until present he has been actively involved in RC helicopters and has been directly involved with some of the top helicopter pilots past and present. He has competed in several scale helicopter events scoring wins at events like Circumgyration, The Southern Rotary Classic, and the Southern Nevada Rotary Classic. He is the co-founder (along with Alan Szabo Sr.) of the Las Vegas Heli Fun Fly one of the largest events in the USA.

Currently his focus has turned to turbine jets and helicopters. Flying in events all across the western United States he has gained a solid reputation as a master builder/installer and pilot. As team manager of evoJet USA he spends a large percentage of his time assisting team mates with their equipment keeping everything in mission ready condition. He is also the crew chief for his son Jake and manages all issues on his BVM Bandit.

He has won pilots choice, best rally pilot, best sport jet just to name a few….

Dave is a current AMA member, and he holds a fixed wing turbine waiver, a rotor wing turbine waiver, and holds a turbine contest director rating with the AMA.

Future plans hold a bid for Top Gun as well as several scratch built projects.


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