After a long wait the much anticipated software update for the CGY750 3-axis gyro is now available for download!

Here is some of what you will have to look forward to with this update.

Improvements (not all inclusive):
• Simplified set up- Simplified configuration and setup routine making set up much faster.
• Less time fine tuning your setup- No longer necessary to tune numerous parameters to achieve the performance you desire.
• Revised instruction update- clarified update instructions include tuning notes.
• Pole (phase) sensor support- Provides brushless sensor support for the CGY750 Governor when used with electric-powered helicopters.
Note: The Hobbywing Brushless Sensor is currently supported

• Improved flight performance:
o New algorithms allowing higher cyclic gains resulting in better control over the model.
o Dramatic improvement in rate control and consistency between stationary and fast forward flight.
o Collective to cyclic interaction is virtually eliminated.
o Piro compensation is improved to provide flat pirouettes while stationary or traveling.
o Greater hovering stability

Improvements continue to be ongoing.

Software may be downloaded here: http://www.futaba-rc.com/software-updates.html

If you are attending the Orlando Heli Blowout next week, we will be happy to update your CGY750 for you at the event.

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