Synergy R/C Helicopters

The release of the Synergy E5 is officially set for December 7th! Preorder an E5 from your favorite Synergy dealer today!

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Synergy E5

E5 Features & Specifications

“True” 550 class electric heli
Washout arm mounting integrated into the head block
25/30mm motor bolt width for multiple motor options
Easily stretched to 600 class helicopter with E6 parts
52mm inner frame width for multiple motor options
Monster mod 1.25 bevel gears and counter gear tail drive system
Machined Delrin Mod 1 helical main gear
6s-12s battery compartment capability
Lower motor shaft bearing block
Third main shaft bearing block
Direct servo to swash CCPM
Shaft driven tail system
10mm main shaft / 8mm head axle
Break away canopy mounts
2mm carbon frames
12T and 14T Pinions included
Carbon fiber servo arms
Main Gear Ratio – 7.93:1 – 9.91:1
Tail Gear Ratio – 4:1 (optional 4.5:1 ratio for E5 stretched)

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