This is awesome news shared by my very good friend Aaron Smith. Introducing the newest rep for Team RcHeliWorkz, Shane Costa-Aine. Congratulations Shane and Team RcHeliWorkz. Continue on to read the full announcement from Aaron and a message from Shane.

Team RcHeliWorkz

I would like everyone to welcome our newest rep for RcHeliWorkz Shane Costa-Aine! He is a good friend of mine and look forward to flying with him and at events. He currently flys a thunder tiger 325 and blade 550x.

-Aaron Smith

“Hi my name is Shane Costa-Aine. I am proud to be given the privilege to be a rep for rc heliworkz. Great company and teamates that have helped my progression in this exciting sport. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the future.”

-Shane Costa-Aine

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