KDE is known for quality CNC aftermarket upgrades and has now officially announced their XF Brushless Motor Series. Click for photos, information, specifications and release date.

KDE Direct Press Release

As we promised to all our loyal customers, we set out to develop a new Brushless Motor series that would push the boundaries of technology and bring a whole new level of 3D capability to the world of RC Helicopters.  We at KDE Direct are extremely proud and excited to announce the goal has been acheived and we weren’t going to do this by ourselves.  In collaboration with Castle Creations, one of the greatest manufacturers for ESCs and Brushless Motors products, we’ve been able to develop three new motors, on schedule to be released early August, 2011, that you will have to fly to believe.  Not only will these be backed by the quality standards of KDE Direct, but by the technology driving Brushless Motor controls throughout the Castle Creations product line – matched in perfect harmony for performance and smooth operation.


More details will be released as we move closer to full-production release and all three will be available for pre-sales soon.  Due to the high-sales anticipation of these motors, we will do our best to meet the demands on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The initial three motors to be released will be:

KDE500XF-1450: 500-class series, 1450Kv
KDE600XF-1175: 550/600-class series, 1175Kv
KDE700XF-495: 700/800-class series, 495Kv

Unreal power, high efficiency, cool running, engineered durability, perfect aesthetics…it’s all there…tested and proven for hundreds of flights…

These will set the standard for the future…

Source: KDE Direct

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