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EMCOTEC extends its SLS LiPo product line with new batteries. New models are available in both the 30C+ as well as in the 45C family. Batteries with capacities from 350mAh up to 5800mAh are now offered. Also new within the product line is the SLS APL Mini series containing single cell batteries for Blade helicopters or structurally identical models.

Specifications and Advantages of SLS APL (Advanced Power Line)

  • Extreme high average voltage level
  • Most little internal resistance
  • Little warming even with high loads
  • High cycle stability
  • Released for a maximum of 4C charging current from manufacturer
  • Cell test according to UN 38.3

The market for Lithium batteries from Asia is growing and getting confusing. You can read reports about burning and exploding batteries despite appropriate usage, more and more often. Many manufacturers bypass the extensive and cost intensive safety tests of their Lithium cells. Most often, manufacturer rewrite old safety tests of one single cell size for all products.

This means, often batteries are sold, which do not comply to all requirements of safety and quality. That’s grossly negligent in our opinion. EMCOTEC dissociates itself from such methods and can provide the necessary documents for each of its sold cells. Our provider went even one step further and had these safety tests done in his name by a certified independent institute.

Since 2003, all cells and Lithium batteries are to be tested by special obligatory safety standards independent from the system and amount of Lithium. Without this qualified test certificate these batteries must not be put into market at all.

These important tests encompass: – Test 1: Altitude Simulation – Test 2: Thermal Test – Test 3: Vibration – Test 4: Shock – Test 5: External Short Circuit – Test 6: Impact – Test 7: Overcharge – Test 8: Forced Discharge

Best judgement from German LiPo specialist Gerd Giese:

“Excellent processing (PCB soldering) and providing “EHR” balancer socket.”
“Measuring results: unity is in order. Such a coherent result is rare and speaks for itself for the APL quality.”
“These cells are a MUST for all which want to exploit highest load reserves without any compromise!”
Test results on www.elektromodellflug.de

Source: RC Electronic by Emcotec

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